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Online Gambling has a Fascinating History – Find Out More!

It is very human to take big risks and to enjoy the thrills that risk taking provides. It is no wonder that gambling is an extremely popular pastime and one that is done all over the world. People gamble on all sorts of things including political, sporting and social events. There are also lots of gambling games that people enjoy playing in casinos. Interestingly, people of all ages, economic and social backgrounds enjoy placing wagers just for the fun of it.

The advent of the internet revolution has brought about immense changes in the gambling business. The industry has taken to the internet in a big way and it has been revolutionized in consequence. The story of internet gambling is a truly fascinating one as you’ll see for yourself if you read on.

gambling industry history

The first step towards offering gambling on the internet happened in 1994 when the Caribbean island of Antigua passed a law to legalize it. This paved the way for many other countries to legalize this sector since they recognized its potential to generate revenues. Many gambling websites these days maintain sites in offshore locations from which they offer their services to people located all over the world. As a result, even people living in countries where gambling is illegal can participate in this activity.

Around the same time, gaming software companies started work on developing software programmes that would be necessary to power internet based casinos. Microgaming was one of the first companies to develop these programmes and it continues to be a leader in the industry, providing software that forms the basis of a large number of casinos. The latest betting websites make use of high quality software to ensure a truly immersive experience when gambling.

Cryptologic is another company that has contributed very much to the growth of the online gaming industry since it provides security solutions that make it safe to conduct monetary transactions online.

It has to be admitted that the online gaming industry faced a number of hurdles right from the outset. To start with, many people opposed it because of the fear of widespread gambling addiction. There is definitely merit to this argument since the internet has made gambling far more accessible than ever before. The other issue was to do with legality since there simply weren’t laws in place to regulate this new business.

As of the current time, the gambling industry is one of the fastest growing and most profitable ones in the world. There are thousands of websites to choose from and each of them is differentiated by the range of games on offer as well as the promotions and bonuses available to customers. The latest trend in gambling is the use of mobile devices for gambling. Increasing numbers of betting websites are launching mobile sites and apps in order to cater to this growing segment.

Online casinos offer far more advantages than land based ones and it is clear to see that this industry is here to stay.