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Online Gambling Vs. Land Based Gambling – Differences that are Hard to Miss

To the casual observer, there is no difference between internet gambling and land-based gambling since both are obviously about gambling even though they use different mediums. However, the gambling experience offered by each one is unique, so much so that customers tend to have a marked preference for one or the other.

We have listed some of the major differences between the two types of gambling.


People need to be able to gamble without going through a great deal of trouble. Not everyone lives in a place that has a land-based casino in which they have to travel quite a bit before they can get down to gamble. The biggest advantage of internet based casinos is that you can access them from any location and at any time of the day or night. Also, you can play any game you want without having to stand in a queue. In fact, you can switch from one game to another without wasting any time. In other words, an online casino trumps a land based one when it comes to convenience, especially now that many gambling sites are even optimized for cell phones and other mobile devices.


Many people love gambling for the complete entertainment experience it offers. Land based casinos tend to be tremendously entertaining places that provide a complete package including dining options in an atmosphere of glitz and glamour. Casinos tend to be crowded places, and many people actually enjoy being amidst all the hustle and bustle. Online casinos offer an entirely different experience in which glamour and fellowship and almost entirely absent, although many sites tend to offer a chat function that enable the latter to some extent.


Land based casinos tend to be very costly overall if you factor in travel time and also expenses on entertainment, food and beverages. Interestingly, even the games are costlier here, because of the higher operating costs of the establishment. Online casinos, on the other hand, offer you a cost effective way to gamble. In fact, they provide you with added value in the form of attractive promotions and bonuses.


This is one of the biggest concerns that people have regarding online casinos since many are operated from offshore locations and quite a few of them are dodgy. Land based casinos tend to have a good reputation overall for safety since they are very highly regulated. Of course, there are many high quality online casinos, many of them run by well-known land-based establishments, and they make use of the latest software and security measures to ensure the highest levels of safety.

#5-Customer Service

Land based casinos have executives on hand to deal with any issues you might have while you are there. Many online casinos also offer this feature via email, chat or telephone so that you can get your various website related issues sorted out quickly.

As you can see, both land based and online casinos have advantages and disadvantages. Your choice finally boils down to the kind of experience that you are looking for.